HFWL Learning Center

Welcome to School!

K3 - K4

Our K3 and K4 students learn educational fundamentals that prepare them to enter kindergarten confidently. We use the Christian curriculum, Abeka, to introduce numbers, letters, reading, and writing. We strongly believe in a learn-by-play structured environment where students interact and learn together. Students participate in music/dance, craft activities, and field trips.

K5 - 5th Grade

Our K5-5th grade students learn using a multi-grade teaching approach using the Abeka Curriculum. We combine the K5-2nd grade students and the 3rd-5th grade students, which we find very beneficial. This approach both challenges and introduces our younger students to advanced principles and provides much reinforcement to older students. We encourage older students to set a good and Godly example for their younger peers, while assisting them in learning. We encourage and teach our students to be disciples of Christ which promotes excellence in every facet of their lives. Teachers pray for their pupils and students pray for each other. We offer extracurricular activities such as art and PE to our students in the afternoons.

Middle & High School

Our Middle and High School students also use the Abeka Curriculum. We believe that a Christian-based education is essential during these school years. In adolescence, students experience many physical, emotional, and psychological changes. Teachers encourage students to be prayer partners and true friends to each other. Teaching in a small group setting fosters confidence and accountability. The main goal at this age level is to teach our pupils to develop healthy relationships with others through education and sound doctrine. Students have an online teacher and a HFWL on-site teacher, providing them an excellent and challenging education at these levels. We give them extra opportunities to participate in field trips, tutoring (if needed), character-building lessons, and scriptural life teachings. We desire to see them attain their God-given destiny in Jesus Christ as they move toward high school, graduation, and beyond.