I don’t claim to understand everything about healing. Others and I have prayed in faith for many people. Not all received healing this side of heaven, but many recovered and are thriving. I want to proclaim that Jesus does indeed heal today. Many people have prayed and become disheartened when healing did not result. They feel it was either due to their lack of faith or God not hearing or answering them. Some even think that God has abandoned them, which we know is a lie, for He will never leave or forsake us. Whatever experience you have had, remember this: In Exodus 15:26, God proclaimed to the people of Israel, “I am the Lord who heals you.” He identified Himself as Jehovah Rapha, meaning the God who heals.

Reading Isaiah 53 points to the cross where Christ died for us. The Roman soldiers beat Jesus with leather straps embedded with glass shards which ripped His body open. His blood poured out from seven different places on His body. He took the punishment for all of our sins. He was pure and innocent, yet He paid the price so we could live abundantly in Him. He also carried our sicknesses, and we can find healing in His wounds. Some scholars believe this healing refers exclusively to spiritual healing; however, Matthew 8:16-17 references Isaiah 53: 4 to include physical healing. In the days of His flesh Jesus healed all who came to Him. Scripture unequivocally states that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Jesus is our savior and healer. It’s difficult for me to understand why some people find it unacceptable that God can heal the human body. Some Christians doubt God’s willingness to heal, even though they trust He took their sins and carried them away on the cross. Meditate on Isaiah 53 until you come to a place of absolute trust that Christ not only took your sins on the cross but your sicknesses as well. Renew your mind that He wants to heal you and then persevere until you establish His will in your physical as well as emotional health.