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The the Lord replied; "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it."


Habakkuk 2:2~ (NIV)

 Desert Father-

Celebration of Passover-  means God's people were separated from their bondage, sent out of Egypt but what did they go through to get to their promise?  The desert.  This is what God is saying. In the desert where you can't grow anything of real value- God sent Manna from heaven.  In my desert place God will provide and it will be revelation for me. He's our desert father.  We have to go through tribulation and trials because the heat exposes our faults.

When the heat is on you, your faults are exposed.  Your faults are hidden from you until the heat is on you.  How do you respond and react when the heat is on you? Look at your life.   God allows the heat so you can know your faults.  We have to see our faults so we can he heal.


Apostle Linda Lariscy

May 08, 2016

Message: Are You Hungry for Manna?  


Erin Nobles

Vision May 07,2016


Yesterday evening I saw a vision:  Jesus was walking through a large desert and his form was one of radiant light.  He walked a straight path through the desert.  He didn't turn to right or to the left or stop or even slow down.  Along with Him were several people who followed close behind Him.  As He walked, several small streams of water began to pop up around Him to the left and the right- suddenly some of the people who were following Jesus ran away from Him and to the streams of water to drink.  Jesus continued to walk on and eventually the streams dried up to nothing, leaving these people without the streams of water or Jesus.



Anna Yonchak

Vision May 13, 2016

Message Reference: Are You Hungry For Manna?


Friday, May 13th at midnight I had this inward urge to pray. As I was  praying by the Spirit I found myself asking "Lord, what is it that WE as a body need to focus on?" Almost immediately He showed me a desert with a stream running through it and someone was panning for gold in  the stream. Still in the vision, the person panning for gold kept dipping in and out of the stream, fully submerging the sifting pan. A lot of dirt and sand had to be disturbed and moved around to dig for the treasure. Finally gold chunks appear in the pan as the lesser falls through the bottom. 

Meditation notes: 


- The main words that were really bolder in this revelation is "Sift and Shift"

 - The real will be sifted away from the fake (there will be a separation of real gold from fools gold)


 So I began to dig on this revelation; you keep dipping the pan time after time until you catch the "valuable" rocks.


- "Seek and Ye shall find."

 The treasure is hidden so that we may seek it.


- It is time to be submerged into the river of the Holy Ghost and to be washed over and over until we hit the value.


 This is when I am quickly taken back to Sunday's message when  Apostle said we were knee deep in the water until we get  to be  over our heads. Apostle spoke on how deep we are but the value can  come as to how deep WE go, but we have to do the work. 

- I felt something internally that we are about to hit the gold, our work to the value. 
- The miner is looking for true value. 
- Pan mining isn't just sticking the pan into the water and expect  to  catch something, you have to move some stuff and create a  friction  in the rocks below. 

Lisa Neal

Testimony-June 26, 2016

Message Reference: The Seeing Eye Makes Things Clear

Yesterday my mom called me and my son had spent the night at her house. She calls and says, he's got pink eye again. I said ok, so we kind of plan our day around that. Well about 2, I notice my daughter had an eyelash in her eye and I couldn’t get it out.  I said ok, well here’s something else. So then about 6 after we had eaten dinner we went out to go feed my horse, he had gotten stung on his face and his eye was so swollen it was shut. I said, oh my gosh. So then we are inside and my son is getting a bath and I come in the bathroom and my husband goes, Oh my God what’s wrong with your eye?  I said I don’t know what is wrong with my eye?  He said, it’s red as fire. I looked in the mirror and sure enough it was. And I was like, this is something in the spiritual realm and I don’t know but Holy Ghost give it to me whenever it hits. I walked in the ministry this morning and I look at the title of today’s message “The Seeing Eye Makes Things Clear” and it hit me.


You can have a disease in your eye, like pink eye, which could be like sexual immorality, drugs, alcohol anything that your eye is diseased with and you will not see out of that eye. You can have an object in your eye such as money, pride anything that you are objecting after, a new house, car, you won’t see out of that eye.  You can have an attack in your eye, like my horse got stung, an attack, so something happens to you, an affair, you were molested anything that happens to you, if you focus on that you will not see out of that eye. Then you can have an irritant.  The dust irritated my eye that we had messed with at the barn and if you have an irritant, someone who gets under your nerves you will not see out of that eye. You will not see the goodness of God. You’re blocked.  

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