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Have pity on me, O God, in keeping with your mercy. In keeping with your unlimited compassion (Ps 51:1).

The incredible compassion of Jesus Christ toward sinful, suffering humanity is undeniable. Jesus has compassion on all people, those who believe in Him and even those who do not. He fulfills the needs of those spiritually impoverished as well as those physically destitute. How does He do that today? His people now carry within themselves His Spirit who empowers them for in Christ they can do all things. As He is, so are His disciples in this world. The Lord desires that His people carry on His compassion for all individuals. Believers who are willing to deny themselves and take up His cross and follow Him have a great destiny before them.

Many believers want to live for God and do mighty exploits in Him but find themselves blocked. They are often judgmental toward others but primarily toward themselves. Do you have an inner critic that on occasion belittles or abuses you with harsh words? God is not a faultfinder. He does not have to find anything. God knows all things. He not only sees your faults but sent His son to die for you taking your punishment for all your sins and shortcomings. When we fully believe Christ bore our shame and guilt we do not cheapen what Christ did for us we appreciate and value it more. We are more apt to abandon ourselves to Him and submit to His benevolent government over us.

Compassion not only sees the suffering of others but also moves out to alleviate the suffering. Pity alone feels sorry for those who are suffering but does little to lessen their sorrow. Jesus had compassion on the multitudes but also on individuals including himself. He allowed others to minister to Him and to take care of his needs. Jesus permitted Mary to anoint him with fragrant oil and comfort him before His crucifixion. He received financial support from others without shame because he too was both a giver and receiver. Jesus was a whole person. He was a strong person, but He allowed Himself to be vulnerable to those who loved Him.

Be kind to yourself. Cut off self-pity and complaints about life calling out to God with a sincere desire for His help. Let people of God help you to know the Lord. Take up the cross of Jesus for in doing so you will receive the fullness of what He did for you. Your sin and shame are nailed there making it possible for you to stop punishing yourself and start enjoying the life Jesus the Christ died to give you.

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