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Worship May 2021 /June2021


Sivan- 5781


Every human being is on a pilgrimage. The destination is heaven for all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Every believer’s life is a circuit that should spiral upward during one’s lifetime. Are you maturing and becoming more acquainted with the ways of the Lord? Are you learning of Jesus as you make your journey each year? Are you growing or are you merely growing older each year?

The Lord desires for His children to mature just as any loving parent wants their children to grow up as stable and responsible adults. We are to go higher in our knowledge and our ways each year. Our hearts are the highways to make this journey with the Son. The condition of your heart determines your path in life and your destination.

Reach out for the mercy of the Lord this month to complete what has for so long been incomplete. The Holy Spirit is your guide and your counselor along your highway. Jesus is your traveling companion so do not wander very far from Him. You go through trials and desert places as you make your circuit, but you come out of those times stronger and amid them you deposit a blessing. Leave all your baggage behind because it serves only as dead weight. You have everything you need inside you!

Stay on God’s path for your life and do not let emotions lead you to make a wrong turn. Watch who you align with this month. Be merciful so you can receive mercy from the Lord. Use the sword of the spirit as a weapon of warfare but also as a means toward peace.

Zebulon (good fortune) is the tribe of the month Sivan. This is the businessman’s month so make sure you know the appointed times and what God wants you to do. Give a special offering this month in thanks and recognition of the Father sending you the Holy Spirit. He is the One living inside you and giving you strength and wisdom along life’s way.

Zayin is the letter and number of this month. It is the seventh letter, and it means mercy for completion! It looks like the number 7 but it also resembles a sword.

The constellation over us is Gemini, the twins. The two shall be one and you are in Jesus and Jesus is in you. Our goal is to be just like Jesus and only God’s grace can make that happen as we daily present ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice.


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