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“He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep
sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds.”

-Job 33:15



God is speaking. Do you hear Him? God speaks to us in many ways. Scripture tells us that dreams are visions of the night. Even when we sleep, our spirit man is alive to the move of the Holy Spirit. God is revealing His glory to you all the time. When you dream, your dreams are rich in both wisdom and revelation. Aren’t you interested to hear what God is saying to you in this hour, even in your dream state? Dreams can be great warnings in your life, a revelation or prophecy, and even be used to encourage you in your walk of faith. We encourage you to take your dreams to a representative of God. That person is anointed by God to teach you what God is saying to you. Dreams may often appear one way, but mean something totally different. It is important that we hear from the Holy Spirit on these matters, for direction and understanding for what God has for us.


Has God blessed you with a dream, but you can't quite decipher His message? We would love the opportunity to help you uncover the message behind your dream. Fill out the form below and we'll help you learn about your dream(s).

Below Are Some of the Many Powerful Dream Interpretations:

Your Message Has Been Received. Thank You and You Will Receive a Reply Shortly.

DREAM: "Covering Over"

In the dream my friend was just sitting and you (Apostle Linda) were looking at her... And as you looked her, teeth began to fall out of her mouth. My friend said that she put her hand up to her mouth to try to stop her teeth from falling out, but they just continued to fall out.


The Bible mentions teeth in relation to someone's strength, power, or beauty. When in the presence of God or under great conviction, we lose our own strength and all that we lean upon apart from Christ.  It is best to fall under that conviction and allow God to do a work in us, humbling us so that He may in due season raise us up.  Your friend needs to give way to that conviction and not try to cover over and pretend everything is okay.  She should not be embarrassed, but embrace the conviction of the Holy Spirit and completely surrender to the will of God for her life.

I was with my ex-husband who walks in major sexual immorality.  I remember my cousin was bound or taped up in the back seat of a car, maybe the Explorer. I'm pretty sure I hit her in the head with a rock and killed her. Then my ex and I were talking and I said, "Do you understand you're about to get life for murder?" Then the Holy Spirit said "she's a prostitute- No one will be looking for her." I woke up. 

DREAM: "Mindset Killer"


You have killed a mindset (with the Rock, Christ Jesus) in your life dealing with sexual immorality and any connection to it.  You are now no longer connected to a spirit of prostitution. You have killed the connection by the power of Christ. 

"Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry." -Col. 3:5

Expect your life to increase on many levels.  God is giving you life for death. You desire also that your ex understand this so he can be free and experience life in Christ Jesus. When you have opportunity, speak the truth to him. He will not increase until he repents.

I dreamed that my mom told me that when she was pregnant with me, she was carrying twins; and that when we were born, she gave one of us away and kept the other (me).  She decided to suddenly tell me after 52 years, that I had a twin sister that she gave away.  I was astonished that she would do such a thing as this and that she kept it a secret for so long.  I was also astonished at the fact that I had a twin out there somewhere.  People had told me that they had seen someone who looked just like me around in different places.  Afterwards, I wanted to find this person.

DREAM: "Twins"


First off, could there be any truth to the dream in your waking life ?
If you are sure that there is no possibility, let's look at what the dream is telling you.  
The old nature is gone and the new nature is here....  twins....  think of your old and new nature being twins, because they look like you on the outside, but very different on the inside...
This would agree with your different walk... you are now walking the walk instead of talking the talk...  your insides are changing and mom sees the change... she has lost one child but has gained another... the new creation in Christ.. 

DREAM: "Nourishing Immature Christians"

Two kittens had been placed on my bosom…They started nursing (on me)…I am not alarmed…I am pleased.  As the kittens grow they come back to nurse for nourishment.  To me this is REALLY strange…and my soul wants to feel like it is perverted for kittens to be nursing on ME. Yet I know that I am a child of God, and there is NO perversion in the Spirit.


I believe this dream is a picture of what the Lord desires for you… that you will nourish those who will come to you… these will be immature believers who need to be taught the milk of the word…this will be a pleasant experience for you.

There was a whole bunch of people on a Qantas plane (Qantas is very well known for its safety record here in Australia as they have never had a crash), any way we were on a Qantas plane and it was taking off and crashed into the side of the mountain but no-one was hurt, but the plane was a mess, and I went searching for our luggage down a corridor around the back end of the wreck which was a snowy area. All of a sudden Police turned up chasing people and they had Police attack dogs, and the dogs came at me, 2 of them and when they reached me to attack me and barking I began to just pat them unafraid and said "good boy" etc etc and started to give them hugs and pats and they began to lick me. The police came over and were stunned and said "No one has ever done that before" and that was the end of the dream.

DREAM: "Moving On"


In life we are moving on above problems and obstacles (flying on airplane) but at particular points in our journey the Lord stops us (hitting the mountain) for whatever reason most often for pride or self-sufficiency (Quantas safety record apart from Christ).  He intervenes to chastise us for our greater good causing us to humbly bow to his way and desire for us.  The enemy comes (the police with attack dogs) to  attack us at these times to harm us and if we are afraid and doubtful of God's love the devil's attack will set us back for harm.  But if we trust the Lord in his goodness and fear not, (your love turned away the attack of the dogs, usually unrigteous people sometimes very religious people) the attack of the devil will not prosper and we will be seen by all to be justified.  This will be a witness of God's presence in our life. 

Out of our mess God brings our message!

But God’s discipline is always good for us, so that we might share in his holiness. No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.
Heb 12:10-11 (NLT)

DREAM: "Change Your Thinking"

Had a dream last night- all I could see was a woman's head- and this woman was a famous woman- well known- I don't know who she was just knew she was well known- the woman's head had long brown hair- then all of a sudden one whole side of the woman's head was shaved- all the way from the front to the back of the head- now half her head on one side had long brown hair- half her head on the other side was shaved to just stubs of hair. Then it was like the woman's head was up on display just slowly being turn around for all to see.


Then  another dream drops in- I was studying & studying the word and I was so excited because I was studying- all that was within me was just leaping because I was so excited to be seeing things in the word, and I woke with excitement.



This dream reflects that you are changing the way you are thinking.  The head of the woman represents authority.  What you have thought of womanhood is changing.  What you are thinking about women's ability to have authority and power is changing.  There is a universal change now of how God is using women in ministry.  You are seeing this in your own life.  God is doing this because an unseen hand shaved this woman's head. The unseen hand is Christ. This dream is about repenting.  Repenting is changing the way you think and act. You are changing and all in your world will see it. The other half of head is not shaven.  There is more change to come.

I was in a house with everybody that I love (my immediate family on my side and my husbands family) and we were all together in the house. As I was there, I looked outside and saw that it was raining (I was the first one to notice it was raining), soon it began to rain very hard outside and storm. This storm was very different, it was a storm of God's fierce judgment and it was unlike any storm I have ever seen. In the dream I was walking around saying "Thank you Lord" because I knew that I was safe. All throughout the house various people in the house were wailing in fear and they were hiding in great terror from the wrath. I walked over to a couch were my mother was laying down, My sister stood beside me. I told her "you must repent mom, you must repent" She said "no, I will not repent" and the dream was over. In the dream I was stable, but when I woke up I was not stable and I was in great terror and shock because of the wailing of the people and the severity of the storm of judgment. 

DREAM: "Storm of Judgement"


This is a prophetic dream of the end of the age.  If you read Revelation you will see this dream there as God 's wrath is poured out on the earth in very natural ways like storms, plagues, earthquakes, etc the people of the earth will not repent no matter what they go through.  Her mom's hard heart reflects humanity... she is a symbol of the mother of all living,


People will not repent because they  count the blood of Christ as an unholy thing and trample it underfoot.  This brings the wrath of God upon people. People will experience great fear but will not call out for salvation on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Pray for your Mom that she will receive revelation of her need for Christ.  She is demonized and deceived.  You have power over the devil in Jesus' name. You can intercede and snatch her out of hell fire.

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